A super-duper LG Nano challenge and a radically red iPhone are top viral videos

May 14, 2018

The LG Nano Cell TV Super Match campaign is back, and on top of the heap, with another challenge to see which wins out: conventional TV (boo) or the LG Nano Cell's wider field-of-vision technology. This time, the super star is celeb-pro-footballer Kak, who is stymied over and over by the supposed poor quality of a "conventional" screen as he kicks the soccer ball at giant electronic board. The kids gathered to watch him do his thing look almost as embarrassed for him as he does. But hey, don't blame him, blame the old-fashion tech.

As always, the view counts in the chart reflect both organic views, the sort of thing people envision when someone says "viral," and paid views, in which videos appear as ads in other content.

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