A timeline of Facebook's very bad year in 26 parts

December 19, 2018

Facebook is like a factory that keeps resetting the number of days since its last OSHA violation: Once again, that number is back to zero. On Wednesday, The New York Times released more internal documents that detail how Facebook made special data arrangements with partners like Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix.

The social network has had a year it wishes it could forget. It started with CEO Mark Zuckerberg promising to address the most pressing issues. Instead of fixing the company, problems only seemed to multiply as the year progressed, from the Cambridge Analytica affair to a major hack to mounting political pressure on both sides of the Atlantic. And today comes this revelation that the social network was developing personalization tools with multiple tech partners, giving them extensive access to user data.

Here's a look at how Facebook's year has gone, from bad beginngs to an unfortunate end:

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