Bird? Lime? Jump? Reviewing the various scooter brands at SXSW

March 12, 2019

The following dispatch from SXSW was written by a creative director at a multinational hospitality company, attending the conference for the first time. Here, he reviews the various rentable scooter options found throughout the city.

Greetings from Austin, where there are piles of these scooters laying around like garbage. There's Bird, there's Lime, there's Spin. As a first-timer at SXSW, I was admittedly unprepared for the sheer volume of choices in the pay-to-scoot space. Each looks more or less exactly like the other--because, well, they are. As Ogilvy (must have) said (right?), "great brands are built on intangibles." With that in mind, I decided to take a look at the more esoteric qualities of the scooter options to help inform your own decision, should you be in a similar situation.

In the kingdom of largely undifferentiated electric skateboards, will brand truly be king? Let's find out!

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