TV's transformation from broad awareness to targeted customer journey marketing

March 14, 2019

It's a pivotal moment for the TV industry. For years, TV has been the primary means for marketers to create positive brand association and mass awareness. Think of Procter & Gamble's "Thank You, Mom" spots that have aired during the Olympics since 2010the goal was to reach a huge swath of the population with a unifying, emotionally resonant message.

TV is still incredibly effective at increasing brand awareness broadly. For a more recent example, look to Burger King's Andy Warhol Super Bowl spot, which boosted purchase consideration among viewers by 8 percent and increased positive buzz by 20 percent among 18- to 34-year-olds.

TV as a broad awareness channel isn't going anywhere, but as the worlds of traditional TV advertising and digital advertising come together, the medium is expanding and changing how marketers think about their customers' path to purchase. Addressable TV advertising can use the same data sets as digital media, so marketers can reach audiences on the big screen in their homes, at scale. And in an increasingly fragmented landscape, marketers can engage their customers with TV like never before. Addressable TV is changing the landscape for marketers, consumers and media owners.

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