Why TV will undergo a year of rapid marketing evolution

January 08, 2019

From changes in consumers' use of technology to data advancements and corporate consolidation, 2018 brought a pace of change that was both unprecedented and unforgiving.

I often describe the marketing business as existing in alternative realities. While rapid change and innovation continues, some parts of the industry remain largely unchangedalternative realities locked in a bit of a time vortex. The linear TV business continues to operate in the upfront and scatter models, locked into age/sex demographic currencies and largely measured the same way it has for decades. This will not be the case much longer.

Addressable TV is finally starting to get traction. Over-the-top (OTT) and connected TVs are scaling faster than predicted. Mobile is the predominant platform for certain consumers. Google and Facebook continue to dominate the digital landscape. And, for $12 a month, consumers can binge on nearly endless (ad-free) premium content on any device they choose.

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