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  • The American Newsstand: The Solution, in a Nutshell...

    The American Newsstand: The Solution, in a Nutshell...

    Reading the headline above may leave you thinking, "There's a solution to the magazine industry's newsstand woes? Why haven't we fixed this a long time ago?"


    If only the solution was that simple. But like a tough nut, there's are many layers to the issue that must be cracked, peeled away, before the real meat is revealed and relished.


    And with this article, I think we've been doing that, peeling away the layers, one at a time. All of the industry veterans quoted in this article have their own experiences and track record to back up their opinions and perspectives. We must take these, along with the thoughts and ideas of many others, and like a jigsaw puzzle piece them together so that the picture becomes clear and comprehensible.

    by Samir Husni
    Posted August 23, 2013
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  • Conde Nast, Amazon Partner on Magazine Subscriptions

    Conde Nast, Amazon Partner on Magazine Subscriptions

    Conde Nast has made digital publishing headlines for some time as it’s one of the first major magazine publishers to create flawless and device-optimized digital editions of its family of magazine titles using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite. These editions, available for a variety of smartphones and tablets, also come bundled for print subscribers, but can be had as stand-alone digital subscriptions.


    Posted August 22, 2013
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  • British Vogue Experiencing 'Most Profitable Year Ever'

    British Vogue Experiencing 'Most Profitable Year Ever'

    According to Condé Nast, Vogue is in vogue. The publishing house told The Guardian that Vogue's UK edition is currently enjoying its most profitable year ever, and that's making confidence at the glossy sky high. "Brand Vogue has never been more powerful or profitable, or enjoyed a wider reach, than today," Nicholas Coleridge, president of Condé Nast International, boasted to The Guardian.
    Posted August 22, 2013
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  • On the Newsstand, Audited Magazines Continue to Slide

    On the Newsstand, Audited Magazines Continue to Slide

    Generally, observers have been focusing on the sad performance of the past five-plus years, where total units are off by more than 40% and dollars by more than 30%.  The New Single Copy decided to take a look at our review of the first half of 2003, ten years ago.  Then, total unit sales for audited magazines were nearly 474 million copies.  This year it's 250,000.  That's a drop of 47.2%.  Retail dollars went from more than $1.5 billion to $967 million, slipping 36.7%, and that's without any adjustment for inflation.  Another point: The preliminary data for the first half of 2003 was based on 537 magazines with any single copy sales.  This year the AAM reports contained only 346.  Publishers seem to be making an emphatic statement about their confidence or lack of it in the retail marketplac

    by John Harrington
    Posted August 15, 2013
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  • On Sustainability, Publishing, and Paper

    Last week I had the privilege of attending what was called an executive sustainability summit in the Hearst tower. I went into this meeting thinking that I pretty much understood the important parts of sustainability in relationship to the publishing industry. I am here today to tell that I was wrong and that I didn't know half of what I need to know on what that issue is all about, nor did I have a clue to the legal responsibilities for our corporations in respect to the process.

    by Bob Sacks
    Posted May 02, 2013
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  • Newsweek and Newsweeklies: It's Content that Matters, Mr. Diller

    Barry Diller made an interesting commentOpens in a new window on Monday when he said, "I wish I hadn't bought Newsweek, It was a mistake." It seems Mr. Diller does not yet understand that it is the value of the content provided to the public and not the perceived value of the property that makes one publication survive and thrive, while another crashes and burns.

    by Bob Sacks
    Posted May 01, 2013
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  • Paywall Reflections, Intelligent Content and Native Advertising from Forbes

    Looking at the New York Times Paywalls over the past two years, Intelligent Content and Forbes leading in Native Advertising.

    by Bob Sacks
    Posted April 08, 2013
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